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One of my first childhood memories is sneaking underneath my mother’s kitchen table with a box of crayons. Unlike other children a piece of paper wasn’t good enough for me. I set my sights higher. I needed a bigger, better canvas than I'd ever used before. It wasn’t until about 10 years later that my parents noticed my genius crayola masterpiece on the under side of their kitchen table! This is where my love for art began.

Art has always been a tremendous influence in my life. I use design in all forms for inspiration, whether it be architecture, fashion, sculpture or great works of art created centuries ago. As many artists and designers do, I started off slow learning the fundamentals and gaining knowledge as the years went on. Armed with an Associate Degree from The Antonelli Institute of Art & Photography, I joined the work force to begin my journey and my career. The following year I attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh to attain my Bachelor Degree.

I now have twenty years of experience directing and inspiring design teams, as well as marketing for top-tier Fortune 500 companies. Working as a contract designer has allowed me to broaden my skill set, client base and vendor knowledge. This has refined my strong project-management skills, keen eye for detail, and multi-tasking abilities in any fast paced environment. 

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